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Honua Kai Market Update

Aloha from the Blue Sofa! 2018 year-end real estate statistics have been released and it’s great news for Honua Kai.  Your resort has improved in every category.

2018 Sales                                         2017 Sales
# of sales – 40                                     # of sales – 34
Sold Average – $1,605,882               Sold Average – $1,438,527
Sold Volume – $64,235,287              Sold Volume – $48,909,944

  • Studio SOLD prices increased 18%
  • One Bedroom SOLD prices increased by 11%
  • One Bedroom Dens SOLD prices remained even
  • Two Bedroom SOLD prices increased 18%
  • Three Bedroom SOLD prices increased 14%

In 2018, Susan Jackson Real Estate represented 61% of the total volume sold. Our Brokerage was able to capture 98% of the Sellers’ listing prices, of which I am very proud. As a result of 2018 sales, our Brokerage is ranked #6 in overall Maui real estate sales, selling $48M+ solely at Honua KaiWe are humbled and thank you for your loyalty and continued support.

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